About Us

About Us

Traffic shoes is all about the hottest shoes at the best prices. We get the newest fashions for any and everyone no matter what their budget is. Starting in Miami, Florida in 1989 with just one store, Traffic has now grown to 85 stores in major malls throughout the country. We are constantly expanding so we can be in an area near you because we love our customers. Our buyers are always two steps ahead of the game and always on the hunt for the latest trends. We hope you always find what you need and enjoy shopping at Traffic Shoe!

Traffic Shoe Culture

At traffic shoes we are fun, easygoing, and always fashionably ON TIME! Our saying has always been “You deserve to get the hottest fashions at the best prices”. We are OBSESSED with fashion, especially at affordable costs, and that’s what makes us so determined to find you gorgeous shoes at prices you’ll love. Traffic shoe girls are fashion forward on a budget.  They know how to be the most glamorous girl in the room without breaking the bank.

Why Traffic?

It’s the only place you’re going to find the sexiest and most stylish shoes at SUCH amazing prices! Seriously you’ll be wondering how can they stay in business with these awesome low prices?! But traffic is so good they are able to pull it off! Why would you buy one pair of shoes for a $100 when you can get 5 pairs of even nicer shoes for the same cost.